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Your (non biological) father just discovered that you are not his son!

Your mom managed to buy you some time for a head start. But in order to survive you will need to evolve along the way, use those evolutions to escape the rolling dice that is your father and end his life.

Run for your life!


Who's your Dice-dy is an endless-runner where you need to collect every dice upgrades. Each dice has its own ability and cooldown after use.

You can change your current dice whenever you want to go through the generated traps (colored blocks) and each dice can be used to pass matching color traps optimally.

However your current dice upgrade will be lost if you are hit by you 'father' and it's game over if you lose your last dice!

  • D4 (red); base dice with no ability
  • D6 (green); double jump and super jump ability
  • D8 (orange); temporary time slowdown
  • D10 (yellow); dash ability
  • D12 (blue); stealth ability, allows to temporary cross the trap blocks
  • D20 (purple); allows to fire projectiles on your father

Your objective is to gather every dice upgrade to unlock d20 upgrade and shoot your angry dice-dy with it!



Q, D / A, D => Move left, right
Z, S, J / W, S, L => Next, previous evolution
E, K => Use power
Esc, P => Pause game


Left stick / Left, right D Pad => Move left, right
Bumper / Up, Down D Pad => Next, previous evolution
X => Use power
Start => Pause game




WhosYourDice-dy.zip 294 MB

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